Supports Memory and Brain Function

  • Increases Healthy Circulation
  • Reduces Inflammation & Joint Pain
  • Improves Memory & Cognitive Function

Rosemary Extract - What makes it So Special?

Rosemary extract is taken from a fairly common household plant that has been cultivated since the Middle Ages. It has been added to everything from cosmetics to hair products and has been widely regarded among people throughout the world for its medicinal properties. Although people have been well aware of the health benefits provided by Rosemary, it is only thanks to recent scientific discoveries that we can actually pinpoint the properties that have made Rosemary extract such an excellent addition to virtually everyone's diet. Long used as an antimicrobial food preservative, recent studies have also pointed to its ability to prevent allergies, certain types of cancers, and the progression of Alzheimer's.

Antioxidants are capable of fighting off free radicals which, if left unchecked, can greatly elevate a person's risk for cancer. Unlike many other natural products, Rosemary extract contains over two dozen antioxidants and can provide protection for a variety of chronic diseases. Rosemary extract not only provides powerful antioxidant protection, it can also help protect a person's brain cells from the effects of aging. This, in particular, is why it is being looked to as a treatment for individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It can also help protect an individual from carcinogens and slow the growth of cancer cells.

Rosemary extract may be just the thing for people suffering from allergies and has even been shown to help reduce hypertension. Anyone taking vitamin E supplements may also want to consider adding Rosemary extract of their diet since it has been shown to increase the potency of this particular vitamin. The properties in the Rosemary extract have also been shown to reduce the signs of aging on a person's skin and may even help with stress and headaches, making it a natural alternative to some of the more powerful prescription medications available on the market today.

There is no shortage of studies proving how valuable antioxidants are at deactivating free radicals. Unfortunately, not all antioxidants are created equal. Generally, after neutralizing a free radical, an antioxidant is no longer useful and may even become a free radical itself. What makes Rosemary extract so different is that the antioxidants it contains have a much longer lifespan and have been shown to deactivate free radicals using a multilevel cascade approach. Combining Rosemary extract with other antioxidants can further increase its potency. With all of this in mind, it is easy to understand why more and more experts are taking another look at this ancient herb.